The sex industry in New Zealand has a long history and has been around for a very long time. It was not until the law changes in 2003 that it really gained public attention. Until then It just operated quietly in the background. Many people did not realise that prostitution was never illegal! It was how you operated that was illegal.The old laws meant it was very clandestine. If you were caught operating outside of that frame work the punishment could be severe and you were branded a criminal.

Many activities could implicate you and have you arrested.

Thank fully the new laws allow you to work with total freedom but you do have legal obligations that are enforcable. See the link to the Prostitution Law reforms on the links tab.Working in the Sex Industry in NewZealand is no different to any other job. All the same laws apply to the work place.

It can provide you flexible hours, and good dollars to achieve immediate goals or to nurture into a long term career as an independent escort or sensual masseuse.

It is an industry that despite perceptions, is not all about sex, but about making people feel good. If you are a caring, compassionate, motivated woman then sex work could be for you.

Sex work in NZ is totally legal and gives you the opportunity to have your own successful business. Thousands of women over time have made choices to make a career of being high class sex workers and in doing so has afforded them to succeed in many different things.

Whether you are looking to support a family, buy a home, free yourself from debt, finance studies or simply need extra money to cover bills then this is your opportunity to create a discreet form of alternative income in a dynamic industry.

Imagine your own business that will afford you:

  • Flexible Hours
  • Always looking your best and sexiest
  • Boosting your confidence and your body sexuality
  • Feeling empowered and in control

The most important thing to consider when deciding to enter the Sex Industry is not how much you will earn, but who you will choose to work with.

This is crucial in keeping you safe, relaxed and able to enjoy your work and achieve your goals. It is important that you find an environment that works for you.

As with any place of work, workplace culture varies from employer to employer. You may find some venues less than desirable simply because of the standards you are trying to create for your self, or simply the operating costs, so make sure you do your homework to ensure you make the right choices for you personally to ensure your success.

There are many support organisations, all there to guide you and help you to manage your success and to become financially independent and secure.

Please refer to these on the Links page.